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Sorry for my English. I can't obtain sender name using custom extractor. I'm trying to get the whole data (for testing purposes) from "from_email" and "body" sections. There is only email in result. The body is without "From" section, only "Data" section.

Here is my extractor:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<OpenCOBData id="SenderName">  
 <ExtractorSpec platform="gmail" language="en"> 

 <Search input_type="text"> 
 <Pattern input_fields="from_email,body"> 

 <Response platform="gmail" format="cardgadget">
 <Output name="senderName">{@sender_name}</Output> 


And here is the part of the manifest:

<!-- EXTRACTOR --> 

<Extension id="EmailSenderNameExtractor" type="contextExtractor"> 
<Name>Email Sender Name Extractor</Name> 
<Triggers ref="CustomExtractorGadget"/> 
<Scope ref="emailSenderAddress"/> 
<Scope ref="emailSenderName"/> 
<Scope ref="emailBody"/> 
<Container name="mail"/> 

<!-- GADGET --> 

<Extension id="CustomExtractorGadget" type="gadget"> 
<Name>Person name extractor</Name> 
<Container name="mail"/> 

<!-- SCOPE --> 

<Scope id="emailSenderAddress"> 
<Reason>This application searches the message body for any text.</Reason> 

<Scope id="emailSenderName"> 
<Reason>This application searches the message body for any text.</Reason> 

<Scope id="emailBody"> 
<Reason>This application searches the message body for any text.</Reason> 

What is wrong?

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The solution is to use the built-in variable __FROM_PERSONAL__:

<Response platform="gmail" format="cardgadget">
    <Output name="senderName">{@__FROM_PERSONAL__}</Output>
    <Output name="senderEmail">{@__FROM_ADDRESS__}</Output>


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that URL doesnt work any more –  rbp Aug 3 '13 at 11:50

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