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I am developing an iOS app in Appcelerator and I want to switch between windows with the use of a swipe event listener. How can I do this? The below code does not work. The current window that I "start" from contains a table.

var window = Ti.UI.currentWindow;

window.addEventListener('swipe', function() {

    // Create the new window

    var win = Titanium.UI.createWindow({

        title: 'Contacts',  


    // Animate the page turn

    Titanium.UI.currentTab.open(win, {animated:false});

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I think the problem is with the Ti.UI.currentWindow. Depending on the context you're working in it may not be valid.

Google 'appcelerator currentWindow', but here's a related link:

This will not be optimal and dynamic, but to start with, try referencing the window implicitly. Meaning if you did something like

var window_x = Ti.UI.createWindow({});


window_x.addEventListener('swipe', function() {...});
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