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EDIT: --> HEY GUYS! <--

i am working on an "Image based App"! What i want to do is:

  1. Take a photo (done)
  2. preview the Photo with an Overlay!
  3. Crop the Photo

So the problem is the Overlay! I have an SurfaceView with the taken Photo inside and now i want to see a square like a window (rect2) and around an alpha overlay (rect1 some kind of black with alpha 50%). Is it possible to draw 2 Rect, one in full size (rect1) and one in a smaller size (rect2) and then cut the smaller out of the first Rect??

|Rect1       |
|   ______   |
|  |Rect2 |  |
|  |      |  |
|  |______|  |

I am using Android 2.1. I know in 2.3.3 there is an BitmapRegionDecoder! this thing does almost what i want to do. At the moment i draw 4 Rect and leave a smal hole in the middle for the window but it is like an pain in my A** to move this sqare and resizing it.

EDIT: What i want to do is like in Facebook, if you upload a picture as Profileimage you have to move and resize a square on your image for the "avatar"-image on the left when you post something...

So i hope everything is clear and you can help me!


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You can use a FrameLayout, like container, and for positioning your SurfaceView (your rect). And with a removeView you can delete the rect you want, by capturing with a findviewbyid.

I hope this help you. bye

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public class yourActivity extends Activity {
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    setContentView(new yourCanvas(this));

class yourCanvas extends View {
    public Panel(Context context) {

    public void onDraw(Canvas canvas) {
        Bitmap yourBitmap = getYourBitmap();
        canvas.drawBitmap(_yourBitmap, 50, 50, null);
        canvas.drawRect(0,0,canvas.getWidth(),50,null); //top rect
        canvas.drawRect(0,0,50,canvas.getHeight(),null); //left rect
        canvas.drawRect(50+yourBitmap.getWidth(),0,canvas.getWidth(),canvas.getHeight(),null); //right rect
        canvas.drawRect(0,50+yourBitmap.getHeight(),canvas.getWidth(),canvas.getHeight(),null); //Bottom rect


previous answer suitable if you just want to create a border for your imageview

I would like to propose the following:

  1. setting an ImageView's bitmap to your bitmap
  2. setting the background color to the color you want the outer rect to be
  3. setting the padding parameters to get the desired dimensions
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Okay that sounds good but there is a reason for the SurfaceView and the Image as Bitmap inside! I get the Image out of the sdcard and scale it to the width and height of the SurfaceView. After setting the square i know all informations to crop the original image! – Informatic0re Aug 4 '11 at 16:35
Maybe its not clear ennough (sorry for my english) With the smal square i want to choose a part of the Image. You can move the square arround and scale it, but you always the the hole image in the background. By clicking ok the image will cropped/cutted like the square! – Informatic0re Aug 4 '11 at 17:06
the same like you take a picture for Facebook as profilepicture, than you have to move a square arround to crop the picture for your thumbnail image in Facebook... – Informatic0re Aug 4 '11 at 17:07
oh I see ... ! that is completely different .. the image is the background .. I see – Sherif elKhatib Aug 4 '11 at 17:08
any new idea? :D – Informatic0re Aug 4 '11 at 17:43

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