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i'd like to get a control in resource. but it's difficult for me.

1. resource(xaml)

<Span x:Key="spanParagrahTitle" x:Shared="false">
    <InlineUIContainer BaselineAlignment="Center">
        <dgWPFCtrl:IconButton x:Name="ibtnAddToFavorite" Cursor="Hand" IsPressible="True"/>
    <InlineUIContainer BaselineAlignment="Center">

2. code

Span myTitle = (Span)appRes["spanParagrahTitle"];
IconButton ibtnAddToFavorite = (IconButton)myTitle.FindName("ibtnAddToFavorite");

How can I get control ibtnAddToFavorite in xaml? of cause, FindName was failed. (It returns null.)

ps. IconButton is User Control.

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Once you have instantiated your Span, you should be able to use VisualTreeHelper to drill down the visual tree and get to your IconButton.

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Thanks for giving a clue to me. A best way for soling this problem is LogicalTreeHelper.FindLogicalNode() method. –  mjk6026 Aug 4 '11 at 18:35

From the code that you have provided, I can see dgWPFCtrl:IconButton is not a Resource. Its a Child of InlineUIContainer which in turn is part of resource called "spanParagrahTitle"

So the way to access that is

Span myTitle = (Span)appRes["spanParagrahTitle"]; 
IconButton ibtnAddToFavorite = ((InlineUIContainer)(myTitle.Content)).Content as IconButton;
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it can't be. Span does not have Content property. thanks. –  mjk6026 Aug 4 '11 at 18:14

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