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Every year or two, I wind up rewriting my website using a new technology or upgrade to take advantage of new developer and user experience features as well as learn some new tricks.

Right now, my site is in ASP.Net and I am trying to figure out where to go from here:

  1. Silverlight?
  2. ASP.Net MVP?
  3. Another language?

The site's functionality is basically:

  1. Photo and video viewing
  2. Lots of dynamic Database generated pages

Any Suggestions?

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If you are doing it just to learn something new, I'd use Ruby on Rails. It enforces convention over configuration, and enforces good design. It's also very fun to learn and things are done a little more different than you are probably used to.

Ruby is a programming language, and Rails is a web framework. Analogeous to C# is a programming language, and ASP .Net is a web fraemwork.

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I would see what ASP.NET Dynamic Data produces out of the box on your data and can customize. I'll be looking at it shortly.

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JavaFX looks kind of interesting.

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I'm doing hobby project with ASP.NET MVC with C# and F#.

F# is lots of fun and it teaches you some new tricks that can also be applied in C#.

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