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I have a list of li elements that I need to allow drag/drop into the WordPress content editor which is a tinyMCE enabled textarea with id="content"

Can someone give me an outline of the jQuery code involved?

Here's the list and individual items I want to enable to be drag/droppable into the content editor. I only want the innerText of each li element to be copied over.

<ul class="keywords">
    <li class="dragDrop" id="seo-kw-1">keyword one</li>
    <li class="dragDrop" id="seo-kw-2">keyword two</li>
    <li class="dragDrop" id="seo-kw-3">keyword three</li>

And here's the drop target for each keyword item.

<div id='editorcontainer'>
    <textarea rows='10' class='theEditor' cols='40' name='content' id='content'>drop content here</textarea>
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Have you checked out jQuery UI droppable:

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+1 Checking it now, but can't get it to work. Thanks for the answer. – Scott B Aug 4 '11 at 18:26

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