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I am trying to see how this swipeview works by trying to load up the demo.


However every time I try to import it into eclipse as an existing project it tells me "No project are found to import"

I am not that familiar with eclipse so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.


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it may be a library, if it is you will have to make it not a library, just a thought though and don't have eclipse on this computer to verify. you could alternatively create a project and then just put those files in the new project

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I think it is a library. I guess if I make a project I have to make the same .com file package? –  xiao Aug 4 '11 at 18:06
it would help so you do not break anything the developer may have hard coded the package reference into. –  Pengume Aug 4 '11 at 18:07

It doesn't have any eclipse files in the repo - In order to turn it into an Eclipse project, create a new Android project, and use the radio buttons in the first screen to select "From Existing Source".

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Ok I did that(I selected from the demo folder level). Yet when I try to run it it dies in the emulator just says it stopped unexpectantly yet gives me no error information. –  xiao Aug 4 '11 at 19:22
Update: It's a library project, so you can't run it by itself. The readme of that git project here: github.com/commonsguy/cwac-viewswiper/blob/master/… directs you on how to use the tool in that library in your own project. –  Alexander Lucas Aug 4 '11 at 22:24

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