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Is it possible to find the difference (preferably expressed in terms of the number of days) between a java.util.Date and a Joda-Time DateTime?

class ReminderInterval{
    //it will return a last login date(java.util.Date)
    Date lastDate=Obj.getAccepted();

    //it is Joda-Time type
    DateTime currentDate=new DateTime();
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Just convert Date to DateTime and then use Days#daysBetween(). The DateTime has a constructor taking the time in millis and the Date has a getter returning exaclty that.

DateTime lastDate = new DateTime(Obj.getAccepted().getTime());
DateTime currentDate = new DateTime();
int days = Days.daysBetween(lastDate, currentDate).getDays();
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Thanks BalusC for your help. it solves my problem. –  dhn83 Aug 5 '11 at 8:17

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