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We use the TFS Agile Team project template and have the developers estimate their time in the Story Point Field.

My question is how to best record the time that the test engineers estimate to test the user story. It doesn't seem right to add it to the developers story point estimate. Do people simply add another field or is there a better way?

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We add it to the story estimate. We consider all the work in the same bucket. Is QA not an integrated part of development? –  CrazyDart Aug 4 '11 at 18:29

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We are using TFS for scrum.

What we do is create a user story, and then create child tasks underneath. Each task is what the developer has to do. The task has hours estimated, actual hours, and completed hours. You can assign the task to the developer. The developer should update all fields daily. This way, we can track hours per developer, and track all tasks by user story. A task should be no longer than 16 hrs long (8 ideal work hours).

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First you have to distinguish between time estimate and story point estimate (Size), if you want time estimate you can do as D.Foley said, by putting child tasks under every test case and estimating every task. However this will have some ambiguity at first, because the test cases have not been finished yet so it's hard to estimate it's task. You can write tasks for creating the test cases, one for review and one for execution.

But if you need my opinion, I suggest you estimate the story points for the whole user story for both development and testing, so you can make the tester contribute in the estimating session and increase the story point a little for the testing and you just count the velocity for the whole; not only based on delivery of the iteration for testing and QA, but based on delivery of the iteration for QA and the completed test.



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