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I am new to jQuery. But I would like to use its drag and drop functionality in my project. While I drag my item I would like to call a function but to not cancel my dragging. I want to be still holding the item after running the function.

Here is the part of the code:

        items: $sortableItems,
        connectWith: $(settings.columns),
        handle: settings.handleSelector,
        placeholder: 'widget-placeholder',
        forcePlaceholderSize: true,
        revert: 300,
        delay: 100,
        opacity: 0.8,
        containment: 'document',
        ghosting: true,
        start: function (e,ui) {

    **// here is the place I would like to call a function.**
             **//example gotoPage(2);**

        stop: function (e,ui) {
            /* Save prefs to cookie: */


When I place the calling code in start() it runs the function but cancels the dragging as well. Basically, I want to still keep the item and run the function behind. I hope I have made it clear enough. If not please do ask.

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its an old post, but, there is a solution now that is using the "drag" event:


the drag event will fire while you move the div.

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Maybe calling a function is causing you to lose the focus on the element being dragged.

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Thats exactly what happens. how can I overcome the problem? I would like to be able to stil drag the same item. Basically What I am trying to do is ipad or iphone style drag and drop. when you organise your apps on the screen you can drag and drop them across pages. So I can call a function gotoNextPage() while the item is dragged I will be able to drop it there. I hope we will find it out. Thanks. –  akdurmus Aug 4 '11 at 19:09
Where's the answer here? –  Second Rikudo Aug 4 '11 at 20:40

Although I have never tried the following, I would try to take a little different approach.

Why not just write the function to a click?

    //whatever you want to do

I don't see why this wouldn't work- as soon as you click an item to drag it, this event should be triggered.

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yes you re right. But the thing is when the event is triggered I lose the focus on the item. I need to be still keeping the item after the event triggered. –  akdurmus Aug 4 '11 at 19:14

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