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I am working on an application on Java me. All i want to do is to access members from a MIDlet from another class.

I have a class mainFrm which is the main form. And i want to access some non-static methods from another class.

And my code is the following:

mainFrm myForm = new mainFrm(); //Initialize the object
myForm.aNonStaticMethod(); //Call the method

However when calling the constructor i get a Security exception.

I think that i miss something! Any help would be gratefull! Thnx!!!

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In my experience with MIDP, Security Exceptions are primarily caused by lack of signing, and it usually is only thrown when trying to access a class that is placed in a "trusted" domain (i.e. not accessible unless the JAD is signed). See: for more info on domains and permissions.

My guess is that in your mainFrm() constructor you are accessing a class that cannot be accessed via untrusted domain. 99% of these exceptions are due to HTTP or Sockets. Are you using those classes in the constructor?

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I figured it out! In my second class i just passed the reference of my first class and now it works okay!! Thnx for your answer!! – HackFreak Aug 6 '11 at 12:30

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