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Is there a way in Objective-C to set a property value of a class instance X without directly invoking the setter, but just somehow specifying the property name ?

I have a NSDictionary in which the keys are the property names and the values are the values to assign.

Now I just would like to iterate my NSDictionary and set the property of the instance X by just specifying the key.

I hope it is clear... thanks

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You can do this using Key Value Coding. Just use the setValue:forKey: and valueForKey: methods to set and get properties. Behind the scenes those will use the setters if available, but they also can access ivars directly, if there are no accessors.

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If you are inside a method for X, then you can access the ivar directly:

  ivar = value;

If X is another object, and the ivar is not, by chance, public, there is no way to avoid the property setter. Generally, ivars are not public.

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Why the downvotes? It is perfectly valid to access the ivar directly and avoid the side effects of a setter or getter. –  Rudy Velthuis Dec 1 '12 at 14:52

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