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SciPy's documentation on LeastSq is here. It states that ier is

An integer flag. If it is equal to 1, 2, 3 or 4, the solution was found. Otherwise, the solution was not found. In either case, the optional output variable ‘mesg’ gives more information.

But how do I retrieve the optional variable mesg?

x,ier=leastsq(residuals, plsq, args=(x_vals, y_vals)) gives me only two returns while

x,mesg,ier=leastsq(residuals, plsq, args=(x_vals, y_vals)) gives the error message ValueError: need more than 2 values to unpack on that line.

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Use the full_output parameter:

import scipy.optimize as optimize
p,cov,infodict,mesg,ier = optimize.leastsq(
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Wow, do I feel sheepish. –  Richard Aug 4 '11 at 22:14
Seems that this is not explained in the documentation. I would expect few words like "if full_output is set to True" in the description of the returns cov,infodict and mesg. –  altroware Jan 12 at 11:08

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