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Is there a comprehensive explanation of how the Zend Redirector Action Helper works? I've read the reference guide, but am still not 100% clear. For example:

  • Apparently the goToSimple() is more like a forward(), than a redirect. Does this mean that it won't send a redirect message back to the browser?

  • If I want to send a redirect message back to the browser, which Redirector method should I be using?

  • Is there a way to get the forward() type of behaviour, without re-executing the init() method of Action Helpers?

This problem cropped up when I was implementing an ACL. I have an ACL Action Helper and its init() method adds the role 'current'. When I use the redirector's goToSimple() I get an error saying that the role is already registered. I can use if (!$acl->hasRole('current')) however I think it would be preferable not to be re-executing the helper's init() in the first place...

Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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Not too comprehensive just a few quick notes about the redirector.

The redirector does a little bit more than a regular PHP redirect which you would use with header('Location:') in your script--following by an exit().

If you look at Zend_Controller_Action_Helper_Redirector it ultimately does exactly the same; if $_exit==true (default) everything leads to redirectAndExit() which calls header() and ends with an exit() call. However it terminates the framework properly, mainly the session if any.

The redirector does not forward internally it sends a default 302 code back unless you have set another code with setCode().

Methods gotoRoute() and gotoSimple() assemble the destination URL for you and call redirectAndExit() but only if $_exit==true. Or you can use their brethren gotoRouteAndExit() and gotoSimpleAndExit() which will exit immediately. The gotoSimple methods pass on to setGotoSimple which uses some methods to assemble the URL for you.

In your case I can only assume that the setGotoSimple method and one of the methods in it call the destination controller and fire up the init() method; however, only for checking but not forwarding.

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