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Hey guys basically I have a master file hosted on a server, and what it does is echo a list of links to a bunch of other sites. The set of links it grabs is based on the URL of the current site. The problem I'm having is that using $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] on a server produces the url of that server and I want it produce the url of the site that my master page is loaded in to

$url = parse_url($_GET['url']); 
$str = $url['host']; 
echo $str; 
if ($str < "g"){ 
    //do stuff 
    echo(" has first character lower than g");
     echo(" has not first character lower than g"); 

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what does have my code to do with this? –  genesis Aug 4 '11 at 23:08
@genesis, your code works and so thats what I'm gonna be using. Now I need it to be able to do this from mulitple websites but with a file thats coming from one server –  Carlos Rios Aug 5 '11 at 14:23

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You would need to pass the client servers hostname into the $_GET['url'] then look for it in the [query] key outputted by parse_url($_GET['url']);

//client side host

If I understand you correctly. :s

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