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I am using the Google Site Search XML API and want to do pagination. I know that the count in is considered inaccurate, but how does Google implement their paging on the demo site at It seems to at least be accurately knowing if there are more than 35 results to break into the 8 pages.

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This is an old question but I've just implemented this myself so thought I should share.

Not sure what language you are using, but here's how I did it in PHP ($xml is, of course, the full XML result retrieved using curl or file_get_contents or whatever):

$results_per_page = 8;
$pages = ceil($xml->RES->M/$results_per_page);

if ($pages > 1) {
   for ($i = 0; $i < $pages; $i++) { 
      $class = '';
      if ( ($i) * $results_per_page == $_GET['s']) {
          $class = 'current-page';
      echo '<a href="?q=' . $searchterms . '&amp;s=' . $i * $results_per_page . '" class="pagenum '. $class . '"><strong>' . $i + 1 . '</strong></a>

Note that $results_per_page should match the value of num in the XML url that's fetched

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