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From what I read, unlimited mobile download plans are disappearing. I think Sprint might have one of the only ones left.

For an Android app that makes frequent Internet downloads, is there any way to measure -- and possibly cap -- the cumulative amount of data downloaded?

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You should find an implementation for this:

A very simple example

public class DownloadSherif{
private static int MAX_DOWNLOAD_PER_DAY = 999;
private int last_24_hours_downloaded;

public DownloadSherif(){
    //get last_24_hours_downloaded from saved container

public boolean canDownload(int download_size){
         return true;
         return false;

public void downloaded(int just_downloaded){
     last_24_hours_downloaded += just_downloaded;

Now every time you want to download you must ask permission using canDownload

Final Notes

  • Keep in mind that you must keep track of the in the last X hours
  • In downloading web content: you can know the content-length of the file using the http HEAD method defined in RFC 2616 Fielding, et al..
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