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I want to create a shuffled set of integers such that:

  1. Given the same seed, the shuffle will be the same every time
  2. As I iterate through, every number in the shuffled set will be used exactly once before repeating itself
  3. Will work for large sets (I want all numbers between 0 and 2 billion)
  4. Will generate between a range, for example, 100 to 150.

This option gives a great solution if you want, say, all of the numbers between 0 and a specified number: Generating Shuffled Range Using a PRNG Rather Than Shuffling

Any ideas?

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Why don't you just use the solutions you likened to and shift the results by the minimum? So, for 100–150, that would be something like GenerateSequence(50).Select(i => i + 100). –  svick Aug 4 '11 at 23:52

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You can use the exact same algorithm as the linked question. Just generate numbers between 0 and upperBound - lowerBound + 1 and add lowerBound to the result.

e.g. (using code from linked question):

var upper = 5;
var lower = 3;
foreach (int n in GenerateSequence(upper-lower+1))

If you want the sequence to repeat (shuffled differently each time), you can add a while (true) around the iterator method body.

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