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Since I clone from a machine with a long name a few times a day, I would like to create an git alias command.

Instead of

$ git clone git://

I would like to use (e.g. alias klone)

$ git klone REPO.git

How can I concatenate REPO.git inside a git alias to the long host and default directory stem?

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    klone = !sh -c 'git clone git://$1' -

should do the trick.

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Can't believe this was in front of my eyes in the manpage all the time. Thanks. – Benjamin Bannier Aug 5 '11 at 0:03

If you're not committed to that exact syntax, use a shell alias or function called "git-klone". Using bash or another sh-derived shell:

    git clone git://"$@"

Using csh or tcsh:

alias git-klone 'git clone git://\!*'
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You can also save yourself typing the base part of the URL by using the contruction in your Git's config:

[url "<actual url base>"]
  insteadOf = <other url base>


[url "git://"]
  insteadOf = THERE

then, I suppose, the following should work:

$ git clone THERE/REPO.git
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