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I'm pulling items out of the DOM with JQuery and want to set a property on an object using the id of the DOM element. For example:

obj = {};
jQuery(itemsFromDom).each(function() {
  element = jQuery(this);
  name = element.attr("id");
  value = element.attr("value");

  //Here's the problem
  obj.name = value;

If "itemsFromDom" includes an element with an id of "myId", I want "obj" to have a property named "myId". The above gives me "name".

How, in javascript, do I name a property of an object using a variable?

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You can use this equivalent syntax:

obj[name] = value;
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shouldn't it be obj["name"] ? –  giorgio79 Aug 27 at 14:55
@giorgio79 then you write obj.name = value; more –  Clemo Oct 6 at 21:12
@giorgio79: That way it would not be variable. var name = "id"; obj[name]="myid" is equivalent to obj["id"]="myid" –  Fernando Oct 8 at 13:52

You can even make List of objects like this

var feeTypeList = [];
$('#feeTypeTable > tbody > tr').each(function (i, el) {
    var feeType = {};

    var $ID = $(this).find("input[id^=txtFeeType]").attr('id');

    feeType["feeTypeID"] = $('#ddlTerm').val();
    feeType["feeTypeName"] = $('#ddlProgram').val();
    feeType["feeTypeDescription"] = $('#ddlBatch').val();

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