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I'm having an issue where when I have the contents of my rich text editor saved into the database using activerecord the html content is stripped of the html contents (I think it fires html_safe on it). I tried overriding the html_safe method on the content string, but nothing works.

content = "<p>hello</p>"
@article.content = content
puts @article.content # "<p>hello</p>"
puts @article.content # "<>hello</>"

How can you override the html stripping capabilities in activerecord for a particular column?

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As frank blizzard already said in his answer, you make your self vulnerable two XSS-Attacks.

But if you trust your authors, that this columns are safe two display, you can do something like this in your Article model

class Article < ActiveRecord::Base
  def content
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The html_safe method is what causes the stripping in the first place. – matsko Aug 7 '11 at 5:28

You can use the raw(string) method, but it would make you vunlerable against XSS attacks. Another option would be taking a deeper look into markdown.

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The issue is that the raw method is a helper-level function and it does not have anything todo with how it gets saved with ActiveRecord. – matsko Aug 7 '11 at 5:27
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Turns out the issue to this problem was nothing todo with Rails or the XSS stripping. The code that I had was modifying a string and then saving the results elsewhere which was causing the original input to be changed. I solved the problem by using string.dup to copy over the original string so that I wasn't affected.

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There should be an option for this.

I encourage you to take a look at the docs of the rich text editor that you are using.

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