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How do I define "run" and "test:run" tasks to run with hprof on forked JVM.

in build.sbt

fork in run := true

javaOptions in run += "-agentlib:hprof"

This setting makes both run tasks work with hprof.

I want to define my hprof task for keeping default "run" and "test:run" tasks and use from sbt prompt.

//define myHprofTask, alias default run task

fork in myHprofTask := true

javaOptions in myHprofTask += "-agentlib:hprof"

How can I define tasks like this?

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This is based on the Additional run tasks section of

  1. Define the new task key:

    lazy val myHprofTask = TaskKey[Unit]("my-hprof-task")
  2. Add a new run task in the Compile configuration (the myHprofTask in Compile part) using the Compile classpath that executes demo.Main, passing "arg1" and "arg2" as arguments:

    fullRunTask(myHprofTask in Compile, Compile, "demo.Main", "arg1", "arg2")
  3. Do the same for the Test configuration:

    fullRunTask(myHprofTask in Test, Test, "demo.TestMain", "arg1", "arg2")
  4. Then, you can define the fork and javaOptions settings as in the question.

Here is the full example using the quick configuration style (build.sbt):

  lazy val myHprofTask = TaskKey[Unit]("my-hprof-task")
    fullRunTask(myHprofTask in Compile, Compile, "demo.Main", "arg1"),
    fullRunTask(myHprofTask in Test, Test, "demo.TestMain", "arg1"),
    fork in myHprofTask := true,
    javaOptions in myHprofTask += "-agentlib:hprof"
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Thank you for answering my question. – pokutuna Aug 16 '11 at 4:24
But I want to use the prompt for default run & test:run tasks from own defined task, like: [1] demo.Main1 [2] demo.Main2 Enter number: – pokutuna Aug 16 '11 at 4:32

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