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I'm still new to Java in general, so I decided some SOF input would be helpful on this question-

I have a Button that, when clicked, I want a ProgressBar to show next to it. I would like to do this with a style, preferably to just send the needed style via setBackgroundDrawable.

I've done this in CSS a number of times where I just add a class which contains the background element I need and pushes the text out a handful of pixels. I'm hoping I can do something similar because I have a lot of Button objects to perform this on.

I've used JS to create an example of what I want to accomplish. I'm hoping this will iterate my point better: http://jsfiddle.net/puPdK/3/

Please feel to let me know if there is a better way. I'm all ears! Thanks.

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do you want that sipnning thing as a background of a button. if so see this Link –  Samuel Aug 5 '11 at 5:08
Very interesting.. I'd much rather use the ProgressBar if there is a way to do that. If not, I'll have to do something like what you linked. Thanks for the info! –  Jackson Aug 5 '11 at 5:16

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Animated GIF does not work with android.

so if you want to animate something in your case frameanimation can be used.

or you can use ProgressBar.setIndeterminate which will show a spinning circle. and you can use view's visibility.

we don't have the javascript part of HTML/CSS/JavaScript, which is missing in android's xml/stye/? as you have asked.

we have to see the java code more of the server-side or back-end code.

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I decided the best way to do this (to my knowledge) was to wrap my button in a horizontal LinearLayout. When the button is clicked, I add a new ProgressBar as child zero to my the layout (eg container.addView(myProgressBar, 0). When the loading is done, I then remove the first child from my layout container.removeViewAt(0). Viola.

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