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I followed the following blogpost to figure out how to create Facebook events remotely using my app. I've been having problems loading the images from my app, however, because I do not have images stored locally on my app, they are stored in AWS.

    @graph =  
    picture =
    params = {
        :picture => picture,
        :name => 'Event name',
        :description => 'Event descriptio
        :start_time => datetime,

is the following code I am currently using to send pictures to Facebook when Facebook events are created on my app. The problem is, however, that Rails is throwing the error: No such file or directory -

Does anybody who's more experienced with Rails development know if there is a way for me to treat a URL like a path to a file? The UploadableIO class expects a path to a file, and I'm struggling to figure out if there's a way in Ruby to treat URL's like filepaths. The way that photos stored on the app can be loaded to Facebook is as follows:


if that helps.

I appreciate any new insights into this issue.

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With Koala 1.2.1 it's a very elegant solution. Here is sample code for creating an album and uploading to it from a remote, AWS link (btw this took about 30 lines in PHP w/ the PHP SDK!

@foo = Foo.find(params[:foo_id])        
albuminfo = @graph.put_object('me','albums', :name=>@foo.title)
album_id = albuminfo["id"]    
@graph.put_picture(@foo.remote_image_path,{}, album_id)
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You can also ommit the album_id and it will create a default album for your app and post it there: @graph.put_picture(@foo.remote_image_path,{}) – Rafael Jan 26 '12 at 19:14
Yes- it defaults to the app name, so "my app" will create an album called "my app" – Anna Billstrom Jan 27 '12 at 5:47
how do u do the same for events? – user566245 Oct 7 '12 at 3:08

Ok so I played around and figured out how to post pictures.

Basically what I did was use the 'open-uri' library to convert the image links into file objects, which can then be passed to UploadableIO and sent to Facebook. This is the code that worked:

require 'open-uri'
OpenURI::Buffer.send :remove_const, 'StringMax' if OpenURI::Buffer.const_defined?('StringMax')
OpenURI::Buffer.const_set 'StringMax', 0
picture =, 'image')
params = {
:picture => picture,
:name =>,
:description => @event.description,
:location => @event.location,
:start_time => datetime,
@graph.put_object('me', 'events', params )

The OpenURI constant StringMax needed to be changed because the image files I was using were small enough that the files were being processed as Strings rather than File Objects.

Hope this helps anyone trying to fix this!

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I've been at this for hours. You, sir, are a king among men. – airlok Jul 17 '12 at 13:41

Facebook recently released an update that lets you post pictures using publicly accessible URLs ( The Koala library you're using supports that (, so you should be able to post the pictures you're hosting on S3 without having to use OpenURI::Buffer.

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here is updated link to the line that indicates this… – VelLes Sep 3 '13 at 17:25

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