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I am using the nginx's upload progress module.

I need a JS function to GET the progress periodically.

I tried this (I changed the url path when I applied it on my server) but it does not work on chrome/chromium 12/13. (IE 8/9 Firefox 3+ OK. IE7 not tested)

I used Firebug to add some assertion, and found that the onStateChange is never called in chrome/chromium. (that is, the readyState is never 4)

Then I tried to rewrite the code in $.ajax(). The success callback is also never called (IE8/9 Firefox 3+ OK)

However, when I write some simple small ajax function to test in chrome/chromium, it's all right...

I need some hints.

Thank you for your time.

EDIT: When I use the function to send the ajax request manually in chrome's console, it is successful...

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Adding some code we could look at would be helpful. Otherwise try using the Network tab in the Chrome Inspector to see what is the full request that is being sent on your ajax call, then paste that into a new browser window to see what you get. This may help in debugging as well. –  Peter Oct 24 '12 at 20:35

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