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I'm currently developing a dummy winforms solution in order to ascertain whether, entity framework 4.0 can work with the security application block of enterprise library 5.0 on a simple login system. I managed to load the data into the project and I am now trying to insert the respective properties into new instances of the MembershipUser class which shall be used for authentication. I have come across an error that stipulates that my custom MembershipProvider cannot be loaded and I believe this has something to do with my xml code in the app.config file.

The error message is as follows: Could not load type 'TestSec.Security.Providers.ReadOnlyXmlMembershipProvider' from assembly "TestSec, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null".

This is what the MembershipProvider section in the app.config looks like

<membership defaultProvider="ReadOnlyXmlMembershipProvider">
    <add name="ReadOnlyXmlMembershipProvider"
         type="TestSec.Security.Providers.ReadOnlyXmlMembershipProvider. TestSec, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'"
         description="Custom membership provider" 

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There's a period (.) instead of a comma (,) between the type and the assembly in the type attribute. Is that a typo, or is that how your config file is actually set up? – Tim Aug 5 '11 at 6:29
Also, is the assembly in the bin of your application? – Tim Aug 5 '11 at 6:31

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