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Free Online SVN repositories

Free version control services

Is there a free version control server provider for non-public projects?

Are there any source control options that offer the hosting of the source repository (e.g. for web sites that need source control, but don't have access to their own web server)?

I briefly looked at Google Code, but wasn't sure if that would be a viable solution.

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Google Code is only for Open Source projects. –  Konstantin Tarkus Mar 29 '09 at 19:43
Are you looking SVN-based repository? –  Konstantin Tarkus Mar 29 '09 at 19:45

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If it's an Open Source project, Google code or Sourceforge can be a good solution.

If it's a closed source project there are many options. I suggest to look at this Wikipedia page for a comparison.

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If whether or not the code is public is no issue, you can use GitHub for hosting. If you want private repositories, it costs extra.

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I'm using Assembla for my OSS project, they have trac and mercurial. OSS is free, closed source you have to pay for.

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This one might be good for you:


  • Extensive Integration Integrates with Basecamp, Campfire, FogBugz, Twitter, Lighthouse, Freckle and Harvest.
  • Beautifully Simple Interface
    Creating repositories, managing users, and keeping track has never been easier.
  • Live Design Preview
    Review past revisions of your HTML mockups directly in the browser with the click of a button or change of a URL.
  • Commit message markup
    Send commands directly to your integrated applications to assign tasks and request reviews.
  • Worry-free Reliability
    Frequent multi-site backups, SSL, scalable servers, highly responsive customer support.
  • iPhone Interface
    Login to Beanstalk on your iPhone to view activity and changesets.

And here is a full list of SVN repositories:

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At bitbucket.org you get one free private repository (though limited in size) for Mercurial SCM. Has an issue tracker etc.

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As a for profit company at carefulproducts.com, we've been using projectlocker.com. Seems like a decent option at a decent price.

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You can try SCM Anywhere Hosted. It fully integrates version control, issue tracking, build automation and professional service to manage your whole software development life cycle.

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