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I want to check device id for my iPhone simulator application. But not using codebase. I know the way how to do with codebase, using UIDevice instance.

Is there any way to find device id without using codebase?

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Is the iPhone Simulator UDID unique for each installed instance?

This answer should be what you want. Look at System Profiler on your mac and the id is there. I just tested on my machine and the IDs match.

This is the exact Terminal command you can enter to view it:

system_profiler SPHardwareDataType
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You can also retrieve the same UDID, labeled as "Identifier," in the Xcode Organizer by selecting "My Mac" from the list under Devices.

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You can visually review the value in the simulator by navigating to home/Settings/General/About/Serial Number which is the same as your desktop machine. You can verify this by navigating to Apple/About This Mac and clicking the OS version number under OS X (the display will change to indicate your UDID - you may need to click it twice).

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