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I want to make a function asynchronous (setup function just calls into real function, no return of status) but I don't want to complicate things with a thread array and an extra mutex to protect the index.
I tried just allowing a small memory leak by mallocing and loosing a thread variable on the heap but this seems to segfault every other time(can anybody geuss why?).
This is a small simple program(which I would prefer not to complicate any more) and the function is unlikely to be called > 100 times but I'd prefer to avoid leaking memory or extra locks.

*pthread_t is defined to unsigned long in linux and this doesn't have to be portable P.S. is there a way to have free(thread) called at end of thread without blocking?

example of leaking code:

void * real_func(void *t)

void async_func(type_a *a, type_a *b)
pthread_t * thr = malloc(sizeof(pthread_t));
struct two_type_as t;

pthread_create(thr, NULL, real_func, &t);
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Please post real code - what you've posted has enough errors that it's hard to know what's relevant to your problem(s) and what's just typos and irrelevant junk because it's not in your real code. For example, is the thread function really func (which isn't shown), or should we assume you really meant real_func? And do you really pass &thr to pthread_create()? That shouldn't compile, since it has type pthread_t**. Are you really passing a pointer to a local variable to the thread func (which is probably at least one of your bugs - if that's really what you're doing)? –  Michael Burr Aug 5 '11 at 8:05
sorry fixed those 2. Don't have access to real code at the moment. –  Roman A. Taycher Aug 5 '11 at 8:13
If you don't care about the status and aren't doing anything else with the tid, why bother with it at all? Just leave pthread_t as a local var and let it get popped off the stack when async_func returns? Alternatively just create the thread as detached. –  Duck Aug 5 '11 at 15:55
I have detached it and used pthread as a local var(I wasn't sure it would work but it seems to). Now I see the problem was with allocating the wrapper struct passed as a void * to the function on the stack, so I malloced it and freed inside the thread and no more segfault. –  Roman A. Taycher Aug 6 '11 at 7:03

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