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I have a unit test which I use mapper from Model to ViewModel, and ViewModel back to Model the Update the record - but in reality I haven't changed a thing, just testing that updating works.

    public void UpdateEntry()
        //Map Model to ViewModel
        Mapper.CreateMap<GlobalExport, GlobalExportViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<FileNameSetup, FileNameSetupViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<FileNameVariable, FileNameVariableViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<EmailSetup, EmailSetupViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<SelectedSection, SelectedSectionViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<AvailableSection, AvailableSectionViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<AvailableColumn, AvailableColumnViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<Policy, PolicyViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<SelectedColumn, SelectedColumnViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<SelectedEmployeeSeaServiceType, SelectedEmployeeSeaServiceTypeViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<SelectedEmployeeStatus, SelectedEmployeeStatusViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<EmployeeStatus, EmployeeStatusViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<EmployeeSubStatus, EmployeeSubStatusViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<SelectedEmployeeSubStatus, SelectedEmployeeSubStatusViewModel>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<SelectedSeaServiceType, SelectedSeaServiceTypeViewModel>();

        GlobalExport globalExport = _service.GetGlobalExportById(1);
        GlobalExportViewModel globalExportViewModel = Mapper.Map<GlobalExport, GlobalExportViewModel>(globalExport);

        //Map ViewModel to Model
        Mapper.CreateMap<GlobalExportViewModel, GlobalExport>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<FileNameSetupViewModel, FileNameSetup>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<FileNameVariableViewModel, FileNameVariable>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<EmailSetupViewModel, EmailSetup>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<SelectedSectionViewModel, SelectedSection>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<AvailableSectionViewModel, AvailableSection>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<AvailableColumnViewModel, AvailableColumn>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<PolicyViewModel, Policy>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<SelectedColumnViewModel, SelectedColumn>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<SelectedEmployeeSeaServiceTypeViewModel, SelectedEmployeeSeaServiceType>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<SelectedEmployeeStatusViewModel, SelectedEmployeeStatus>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<EmployeeStatusViewModel, EmployeeStatus>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<EmployeeSubStatusViewModel, EmployeeSubStatus>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<SelectedEmployeeSubStatusViewModel, SelectedEmployeeSubStatus>();
        Mapper.CreateMap<SelectedSeaServiceTypeViewModel, SelectedSeaServiceType>();

        GlobalExport newGlobalExport = Mapper.Map<GlobalExportViewModel, GlobalExport>(globalExportViewModel);


I get this error:


Can somebody give some opinion or better a solution :P Thank you very much!

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The problem here is that the GlobalExportRepository.UpdateGlobalExport method is attempting to attach a GlobalExport object to the same DbContext instance that retrieved it.

Try modifying the GlobalExportRepository.UpdateGlobalExport method to explicitly mark the entity as modified and simply call the DbContext.SaveChanges method.

Here's an example:

public void UpdateGlobalExport(GlobalExport instance)
    var entity = context.Entry(instance);
    entity.State = EntityState.Modified;        

Any changes made to the GlobalExport instance will automatically be detected even if its state is Detached.

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I'll look into it and get back to you. Thanks a lot! –  Badz Aug 5 '11 at 8:43
I'm sorry to say that the state returned equals to EntityState.Detached, so the error is still there :( What will happen if I changed the condition to reverse "!entity.State" ? –  Badz Aug 5 '11 at 9:26
@Badz Try removing the call to the DbSet.Attach method altogether. See my updated answer. –  Enrico Campidoglio Aug 5 '11 at 9:35
Still encountering same error. Thanks for the help. –  Badz Aug 5 '11 at 10:33
@Badz At what line do you get the exception? –  Enrico Campidoglio Aug 5 '11 at 10:43

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