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I have select box in jqGrid and to load data m using dataUrl. Everything is working fine but when I put multiple as true then data is not getting displayed in the grid but in the console its printing the data. Googled a lot but couldn't find solution.

$(document).ready(function () {
    var lastsel;
    var skip = 0;
        url: '',
        datatype: "json",
        colNames: [],
        colModel: [
            { name: 'generalised_skill_id', index: 'generalised_skill_id',
                width: 120, formoptions: { rowpos: 2, colpos: 1 },
                editable: true, edittype: "select",
                editoptions: {
                    dataEvents: [
                            type: 'change',
                            fn: function (e) {
                                var Value = $(this).val();
                                if (Value == "CreateNew") {
                    dataUrl: '' + Math.random()
            { name: 'primary_skill_ids', index: 'primary_skill_ids', width: 120,
                formoptions: { rowpos: 2, colpos: 2 },
                editable: true, editrules: { required: true }, edittype: "select",
                editoptions: {
                    dataEvents: [
                            type: 'change',
                            fn: function (e) {
                                var Value = $(this).val();
                                if (Value == "CreateNew") {
                        value: "", multiple: true, size: 3,
                    dataUrl: '' + Math.random()
        rowNum: 25,
        rowList: [25, 50, 75, 100],
        pager: '#pager',
        rowTotal: 10000,
        sortname: 'rgs_id',
        viewrecords: true,
        height: 600,
        sortorder: "asc",
        multiselect: true,
        mtype: "POST",
        gridview: true,
        ignoreCase: true,
        loadonce: true,
        loadComplete: function () {
            $('#list').setGridParam({ datatype: "json" });
        ondblClickRow: function (id) {
            if (id && id !== lastsel) {
                data = jQuery('#list').getRowData(id);
                var str = data['status'];
                if (str == "Fulfilled" || str == "Canceled") {
                    alert('Fulfilled and Cancelled demands can not be edited');
                } else {
                    jQuery('#list').jqGrid('restoreRow', lastsel);
                    jQuery('#list').jqGrid('editRow', id, true, pickdates);
                    lastsel = id;
        editurl: ''

For generalised skill its loading the select box but for primary skill its not loading anything. However if I remove multiple:true from primary skill then its loading the data.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Following is my PopulatePrimarySkillData class.

    // In this function query to fetch all the skills from database is written.
    ArrayList primarySkillList = fetchPrimarySkills();
    StringBuilder htmlSelectString = new StringBuilder("<select> ");
    for (int i = 0; i < primarySkillList.size(); i++) {
        SkillsetBean sb = (SkillsetBean) primarySkillList.get(i);
        htmlSelectString.append("<option value='");
            .append("<option value='CreateNew'>Create New</option> ");
    htmlSelectString.append("</select> ");
    PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();
    System.out.println("The SELECT String is : "
            + htmlSelectString.toString());
    return null;

This Function prints following result in the console.

 <select> <option value='1'>.Net</option>
<option value='2'>Appl packaging</option>
<option value='3'>BOXI</option>
<option value='4'>Business Analyst</option>
<option value='5'>C++</option>
<option value='6'>CNG</option>
<option value='7'>DB2</option>
<option value='8'>Flash</option>
<option value='9'>IIS Admin</option>
<option value='10'>Informatica</option>
<option value='11'>Java / J2EE</option>
<option value='12'>Java Flex</option>
<option value='13'>MS Access</option>
<option value='14'>Mainframe</option>
<option value='15'>NAT/ADABAS</option>
<option value='16'>Oracle</option>
<option value='17'>Oracle DBA</option>
<option value='18'>Others</option>

I think on server side there is no problem cause when I remove "multiple:true" data is getting loaded.

Here is the sample JSON data. I hope this is helpfull.

{"id":"166","cell":["Business Analyst","BOXI,C++"]}
{"id":"169","cell":["Business Analyst","Appl packaging,Business Analyst"]}
{"id":"170","cell":["Business Analyst,C++","CICS,Cobol"]}
{"id":"171","cell":[,"Appl packaging",".Net,Business Analyst"]}
{"id":"172","cell":["CNG","BOXI,Appl packaging"]}
{"id":"173","cell":["Business Analyst","Business Analyst,BOXI"]}
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Could you include the test JSON data so that one could test your problem without having you server environment? You can use Fiddler or Firebug to catch the server response. If your server is accessible from the internet you can just post the corresponding URL to the test page. – Oleg Aug 5 '11 at 10:23
@Oleg I have updated the code please check. – Chhaya Aug 5 '11 at 10:42
To be able to reproduce your experiment one needs addSkill and some simple JSON data which generate to fill the jqGrid before editing. If your main problem now is the loading of the data you could post simplified jqGrid. – Oleg Aug 5 '11 at 10:57
by the way the Math.random() from the dataUrl: '' + Math.random() will be executed once at the time of jqGrid generation. You can consider to use ajaxSelectOptions: { cache: false } instead. – Oleg Aug 5 '11 at 11:11
@Oleg I have posted some sample data. You can delete dataEvent. Loading data in the other fields is not a problem. Everything else is working fine except for the drop down and about "ajaxSelectOptions: { cache: false }" I tried that but I dint work for me. "math.random()" worked like a charm. – Chhaya Aug 5 '11 at 11:58
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You have a part of problems (jqGrid bugs) which I described in the answer and which I posted as the bug report to the developer of jqGrid. The bugs are still not fixed so you my attempts to reproduces your problem in Internet Explorer the demo:

enter image description here

I used IE9 for the test. If you fix the line 8217 of the jquery.jqGrid.src.js (version 4.1.2) from

if(cm[i].edittype == "select" && cm[i].editoptions.multiple===true && $.browser.msie) {


if(cm[i].edittype === "select" && typeof(cm[i].editoptions)!=="undefined" && cm[i].editoptions.multiple===true && typeof(cm[i].editoptions.dataUrl)==="undefined" && $.browser.msie) {

the problem will be fixed and you will have

enter image description here

(See the same demo, but which use the fixed jquery.jqGrid.src.js).

Moreover I wrote you in the comment that the attempt generate unique URL used in dataUrl with

dataUrl: '' + Math.random()

generate one url like 

If you would use dataUrl: ' and will use additional parameter ajaxSelectOptions: { cache: false } the dataUrl which will be used will be really unique like
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Thanks!! it worked and I have changed dataUrl: ' also its working fine.. Yayy.. :) :) – Chhaya Aug 9 '11 at 6:07
@Chhaya: You are welcome! I hope that my bug fix will sometime included in the original jqGrid code. At least I wrote one more post in the trirand forum. – Oleg Aug 9 '11 at 6:14

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