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How can I generate an Amazon affiliates link (with my Tracking ID) from a regular link without using Amazon online tools ?

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Could you explain why you don't want to use the Amazon tools? –  DOK Mar 29 '09 at 20:27

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Here's an easy tutorial that should get you started. And this page at Amazon should fill in some gaps about ASINs, especially the section entitled: "Is there an automated way to create Associates links if I have the 13-digit ISBN?" Here's another relevant article.

You are not very specific on how you want to generate them or how many you will be generating, but there's an online tool written by Eri Robillard that uses WebForms and XML Web Services. If it's a small number of links you want to make by hand, it looks like a good tool.
If you're looking to generate them programatically, you might be able to get permission from him to screenscrape his site, or maybe he'd provide you with source code. I can't find what restrictions (if any) he puts on its use.

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Essentially replace ASIN and trackingId within this URL:


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Hi Elliot! Perhaps, you know the answer to ... stackoverflow.com/questions/24892689/… .. thanks! –  Joe Blow Jul 22 at 16:23

Someone mentioned an easy way in my post here.

He told me to use an easy redirect service called asin.info which forwards your partner id. You can easily generate the Link on the webpage or just use this syntax:


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While I don't have an answer, a good start would be to compare the elements of the affiliate link from the tracking tool to the identifiers on the item page.

From what I recall every Amazon product has a unique identifier (ISBN for books) and this identifier, along with your tracking ID, is stored in the affiliate links.

It should be rather straightforward to reverse engineer the format.

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