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I've seen many people ask things similar to this, but they seem to settle for answers other than what I'm willing to....

I've written an android app, and I've included some functionality that is limited based on the return from LVL.
I'm reluctant to redesign the entire app for some other form of security, but I was wondering how I would go about releasing a free demo and a paid release, using this type of system.

I'm beginning to think that I need to release a free version with one namespace and a paid version in another - but this would require the user to manage the versions.
I understand that "in-app billing" is now available (since March), but I suspect this would involve undoing a the effort to implement LVL.

Any thoughts/advice/suggestions most welcome!

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I'm sort of guessing I should release it as a paid app, and let the pirates do their work.... –  Squizz Aug 5 '11 at 9:34
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