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I've been having trouble with an infinite loop in the code below. It inserts a list of items at point, comma separating them, and then converts the list to an org table.

This works when executing one at a time, but if you call from an emacs lisp function more than once, as below, then it goes into an infinite loop inserting |'s until it locks up or shows the message below.

Update it now locks up when I do (test1) as below

Can dowload a full example of the code from pastebin here

I can't quite figure out what's causing this behaviour. The commented lines reflect different ways to do the same thing that cause the same bug.

(defun org-table-from-list(l)
  "Create an org-table from a list"
  (if (listp l)
      (let ((beg (point)))
    (insert-list l)
;   (message (format "beg end %d %d\n" beg (point)))
    (org-table-convert-region beg (point) '(4))
;   (set-mark beg)
;   (end-of-line)
;   (org-table-create-or-convert-from-region '(4))

(defun insert-list(l)
  "insert a list L into the current buffer"
  (let ((str ""))
    (dolist (i l)
      (setf str (concat str i ",")))
    (let ((len (length str)))
      (insert (subseq str 0 (1- len))))))

(defun test1 () (interactive) (org-table-from-list '("apple" "carrot" "coke" "smile")))


The error:

Warning (undo): Buffer `test3.txt' undo info was 12711518 bytes long.
The undo info was discarded because it exceeded `undo-outer-limit'.
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What is (test1) ? –  phils Aug 5 '11 at 8:26
Added it above, posted this too late at night :S –  justinhj Aug 5 '11 at 16:52
The above code works fine for me. Are you getting the error when you run "(progn (test1) (test1))" or do you only get this error when you run with "real" data? If the latter, could you provide a minimal sample data set that causes the error to occur? –  zev Aug 5 '11 at 18:02
I just tested running it 60 times (instead of 2) inside the progn without any error. I'm using Aquamacs with GNU Emacs on Mac OS X 10.7. Just thinking, have you redefined or advised any of the standard functions that are being called in the above code? Or is there anything unusual about your setup? Have you tried running it with no init files? –  zev Aug 6 '11 at 0:39
I cannot replicate this at all after rebooting my macbook. I think this could have been gremlins. –  justinhj Aug 6 '11 at 2:12

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