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I'm looking for a method, no matter how roundabout, to horizontally stitch together three pixmaps into one (ie 20x20 + 20x20 + 20x20 -> 60x20). If it helps any, what I actually have is three png resources and I need to join them together and return a QIcon. Anyone any suggestions on routes to take?

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The simplest method: You create a new QPixmap with the desired size and paint the 3 pixmaps into this pixmap (QPixmap is a QPaintDevice)

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For just what you said, you don't even need to do it in Qt. Why don't you just use any image editor to stitch the 3 images together? Sorry this may not answer your question on Qt but hope this solves your problem.

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No, I'm afraid not. The images change through the life of the program, and I don't want to stitch together all permutations! – spookypeanut Aug 5 '11 at 17:07

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