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The parent flow of my webflows has the following end-state defined:

<end-state id="endState" view="externalRedirect:contextRelative:index.html"/>

This will redirect to http://server/context/index.html

All my flows are now configured to run in an "embedded" mode (no menus/header/etc.) if the context path contains /embedded (I implemented this by using my own ViewResolver and different tiles layouts). Example: http://server/context/embedded/page.htm uses the same flow as http://server/context/page.htm but with a different layout.

When the site is running in "embedded" mode I want the end-state to redirect to http://server/context/embedded/index.html.

How can I customize this to rather use externalRedirect:contextRelative:embedded/index.html when the the URI contains /embedded?

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You could determine the embedded state from a managed bean and use EL to determine a path:

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