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I want to create a cluster of RabbitMQ on EC2. I have created an AMI of Ubantu and install the rabbitmq-server-2.3.1 on it. I have also installed the management plugins for GUI. For cluster purpose I have also copied the .erlang.cookie file in another node. My ploblem is when I am trying to connect with another node it gives me following error:

Error: {failed_to_cluster_with,['rabbit@ip-10-58-54-170'], "Mnesia could not connect to some nodes."}

Anybody has any idea why it is happening?

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Hi Anand, you should accept some of the answers to your previous questions, otherwise don't expect too many answers. – Augusto Aug 5 '11 at 10:56
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There are a few usual causes for "Mnesia could not connect to some nodes":

  • the nodes cannot actually communicate with each other (can you ping the other hosts?),
  • Erlang restrictions prevent you from naming nodes in certain ways (e.g. FQDMs are not supported, the node name must be a single word) so you usually have to add the node addresses to your hosts file,
  • the two nodes have different cookies (not the case here),
  • Rabbit is not running on the remote node.

To quickly diagnose the issue:

  • check connectivity:

    ping other_node

  • check that Erlang can connect to other_node:

    erl -sname my_node -remsh rabbit@other_node

  • check that Rabbit is running on the remote node:

    rabbitmqctl -n other_node status

Quite a few people have managed to get RabbitMQ clusters working on EC2, so it's certainly possible.

If you need more help, a great place to ask is the RabbitMQ Discuss mailing list. The developers make a point of answering the questions asked.

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In my case under Ubuntu 11.10 it helped to

#rabbitmqctl cluster MASTER SLAVE
#rabbitmqctl start_app

before I always got this error message...

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