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Here is code example:

    <tr data-bind='template: { name: "GridColumnTable", foreach: columns }' ></tr>

<script type="text/html" id="GridColumnTable">       
        <span data-bind="text:name, click:function(event){ alert('blabla') }">

And this is the Javascript code:

var viewModel = {
    columns: new ko.observableArray(),
    changeColumnName: function(column)

    name: new ko.observable('column1')

    name: new ko.observable('column2') 

    name: new ko.observable('column3') 

    name: new ko.observable('column4')


See also this JSFiddle.

I want to change column name when a user clicks on it. But I don't know how to pass current element to my changeColumnName function. Any ideas?

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Inside of a jQuery template the variable $data refers to the data that the template is binding against. So, you would want to call: viewModel.changeColumnName($data)

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