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I have a multi-frame layout. One of the frames contains a form, which I am submitting through XMLHttpRequest. Now when I use document.write() to rewrite the frame with the form, and the new page I am adding contains any javascript then the javascript is not exectuted in IE6?

For example:


In the above case the page content is replaced with test but the alert() isn't executed. This works fine in Firefox.

What is a workaround to the above problem?

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Workarount is to programmatically add blocks to head DOM element in JavaScript at Callback function or call eval() method. It's only way you can make this work in IE 6.

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Instead of having the JS code out in the open, enclose it in a function (let's call it "doIt"). Your frame window (let's say it's name is "formFrame") has a parent window (even if it's not visible) in which you can execute JS code. Do the actual frame rewrite operation in that scope:


Where rewriteFormFrame function in the parent window looks something like this:

function rewriteFormFrame(html) {
    formFrame.document.body.innerHTML = html;
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Another possible alternative is to use JSON, dynamically adding scripts references which will be automatically processed by browser.


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Could you explain this in more detail? I don't think this will work, but maybe I just don't understand what you are suggesting. –  SpoonMeiser Sep 30 '08 at 22:09

In short: You can't really do that. However JavaScript libraries such as jQuery provide functionality to do exactly that. If you depend on that, give jQuery a try.

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Eval and/or executing scripts dynamically is bad practice. Very bad practice. Very, very, very bad practice. I can't stress enough, how bad practice it is.

AKA.: Sounds like bad design. What problem are you trying to solve again?

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You could use an onload attribute in the body tag (<body onload="jsWrittenLoaded()">).

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