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When I create web site for some company and I add little map with position of the company on the map is it still free or I have to pay some money? And what about bigger map with multiple markers and additional informations? Do I have to pay some money when I sell this map within a web site? Thank you.

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It is free but not for resale.

9. License Requirements. Google's licenses above are subject to your adherence to the following requirements:

9.1 Free, Public Accessibility to Your Maps API Implementation.

9.1.1 General Rules.

(a) Free Access (No Fees). Your Maps API Implementation must be generally accessible to users without charge and must not require a fee-based subscription or other fee-based restricted access. This rule applies to Your Content and any other content in your Maps API Implementation, whether Your Content or the other content is in existence now or is added later.

(b) Public Access (No Firewall). Your Maps API implementation must not (i) operate only behind a firewall; or (ii) only on an internal network (except during the development and testing phase); or (iii) in a closed community (for example, through invitation-only access).

9.1.2 Exceptions.

(a) Enterprise Agreement with Google. The rules in Section 9.1.1 (Free Access, Public Access) do not apply if you have entered into a separate written agreement with Google (such as a Google Enterprise agreement) or obtained Google's written permission.

(b) Mobile Applications. The rule in Section 9.1.1(a) (Free Access) does not apply if your Maps API Implementation is used in a mobile application that is sold for a fee through an online store and is downloadable to a mobile device that can access the online store.

9.1.3 Examples.

(a) You can require users to log in to your Maps API Implementation if you do not require users to pay a fee.

(b) You can charge a fee for your Maps API Implementation if it is an Android application downloadable to mobile devices from the Android Market.

(c) If you are a consultant who creates or hosts Maps API Implementations for third party customers, you may charge such customers a fee for your consulting or hosting services (but not for the Maps API Implementations themselves, except as permitted under Section 9.1.2 (Exceptions)).

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So, If I do not meet the requirements of exceptions in 9.1.2, the only way to avoid the fees is to sell the web page and give the google map application as a free bonus? (The maps application will be free for visitors) – culter Aug 5 '11 at 10:53

Why not read the Terms of service from the product, rather than ask here?


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Esepecially section 10.1.2 – Joachim Rohde Aug 5 '11 at 10:24
marto, you can answer as you answered to 90% of questions here. I've read terms of use, but I didn't found the right answer. Maybe Im blind or something..:) – culter Aug 5 '11 at 10:40
There are 1.9 million questions here, I've clearly not answered 90% of them. Bad Display Name has gone to the trouble of copy/pasting most of what you seem to have missed – marto Aug 5 '11 at 10:51

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