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At the moment I am in my notice period at work.

I have a working but quite poorly structured web-service running (that I wrote from scratch) that I do not have time to refactor.

I need to document it (with UML or whatever works best) so that the person who inherits it doesn't curse my name every time they need to work on it.

What are the best practical ways to achieve this? I have created a use-case diagram that I think will be helpful. Is there any way I can make understanding this mess as painless as possible for the next guy?

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Complex diagrams are bound to get out of sync and be confusing.

Instead, write some simple example client programs that explain how to use the service, and execute some common functions. That way, the next programmer can understand the basics of your service, test whether the service still works, have a reference implementation for comparison, and/or hit the ground running by adapting the example programs.

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