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I am currently using the JQuery datepicker, however it doesn't appear to enforce the input of only valid dates. Is this possible? For example, it will allow me to manually enter 22/22/22 into the date field. As a last result is it possible to only allow users to enter a date via the picker popup?


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try this ideas

<input type='text' id='date' readonly='true'>


$("#date").keypress(function(event) {event.preventDefault();});


$("#date").attr( 'readOnly' , 'true' );

more details here JQuery Datepicker with text input that doesn't allow user input

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use $("#date").keypress(function(event) {event.preventDefault();}); it is most recommended. no need to add any jquery plugin – Naga Harish Movva Aug 5 '11 at 10:51

Try using the jQuery UI Datepicker Validation plugin. It works with the jQuery Validation plugin and provides the exact functionality you are asking for.

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