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I was wondering how daily deals aggregators scrap data from different deals website? I have seen many deals website which does't provide API and RSS feeds, but still this aggregators scraps data out of them. here are some websites which i am referring to



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If the site doesn't provide any API or RSS feed, it's still possible to extract data from it "the old-school way" by querying the pages where the info is and extracting the data from the returned HTML.

In Python this could be done using urllib2 or requests for querying pages and lxml or BeautifulSoup to extract the data from the HTML. For bigger projects, try using the scrapy framework, which provides everything to code complex spiders.

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true but do they do this for complex websites also?? i have seen some websites which uses post for there communication –  Pranay Airan Aug 6 '11 at 17:42
Yes, it's also possible for complex websites. For more examples, here is a list of sites/companies which use scrapy to extract data from other sites. –  MatToufoutu Aug 6 '11 at 19:00

When I built LesserThan - http://lesserthan.com - I found that most APIs or RSS feeds are unpublished. Only after you signup for an affiliate account do they give you the URL of the RSS feed.

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