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I am using the 'Dungeon' example as a basis for my code, so it is the standard examplecode for now.

I can call the Market place and successfully place an order. Within BillingReciever the event public void onReceive is called twice, as I would expect and I can put a breakpoint there and see the result which is fine.

checkResponseCode gets called too and starts

    Intent intent = new Intent(Consts.ACTION_RESPONSE_CODE);
    intent.setClass(context, BillingService.class);
    intent.putExtra(Consts.INAPP_REQUEST_ID, requestId);
    intent.putExtra(Consts.INAPP_RESPONSE_CODE, responseCodeIndex);

And there the execution stops, and my app returns to a run state.

I have an extended PurchaseObserver class which is supposed to respond to billing changes, which I have tried starting two different ways

mPurchaseObserver = new iPurchaseObserver(this,mHandler);

private class iPurchaseObserver extends PurchaseObserver {
            public iPurchaseObserver(UpgradeActivity upgradeActivity, Handler handler) {
                super(upgradeActivity, handler);


mPurchaseObserver = new iPurchaseObserver(mHandler);

private class iPurchaseObserver extends PurchaseObserver {
            public iPurchaseObserver( Handler handler) {
                super(upgradeActivity.this, handler);

None of the events/methods within the PurchaseObserver are fired, i.e onPurchaseStateChange.

I am suspecting it is the Activity Context I am passing or using when constructing my PurchaseObserver, but I am not sure, and advise would be appreciated!


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Found it, after loads and loads of wasted time. I had put the classes in a folder, when I moved them back to the root, they worked.

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Can you please explain this further, I am dealing with same issue and reaching nowhere. –  DeBuGGeR Oct 3 '12 at 15:35

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