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I have a type like this

sealed class Foo[A](val value: A)

object Foo {
    def apply[A](v: A)(implicit num: Numeric[A]): Foo[A] =
      /* highly complex stuff to make a Foo[A] */

    implicit def toA[A](x: Foo[A]) = x.value

Foo as a class is only supposed to hold the value, so an implicit Numeric would not make much sense. But I need the type of A to be always a numeric.

So my idea is to just make it impossible to use Foos normal constructor outside of its companion. Is that possible in Scala?

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Yeah, since the companion object can access private members of its companion class you can just make the primary (and auxiliary if any) constructor private. Pseudo code here:

class ConcreteFoo private (n: Int) extends Foo(n)
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I have never seen you can put a private there. Thanks! –  Lambda Dusk Aug 5 '11 at 12:01

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