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I am trying to open several pdf documents using a simple batch file:

ECHO OFF CLS cd Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader Acrord32.exe C:\Users\BW1.pdf Acrord32.exe C:\Users\BW2.pdf Acrord32.exe C:\Users\BW3.pdf Acrord32.exe C:\Users\BW4.pdf Acrord32.exe C:\Users\BW5.pdf Acrord32.exe C:\Users\BW6.pdf EXIT

The above batch file opens the first pdf only, then waits until I close it for the next pdf file to open. How can I have all the pdf documents open at the same time? (Like going to Acrobat Reader, file->Open->xx.pdf)

Thank you for any help Dmitri

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Use start:

start acrord32.exe 1.pdf
start acrord32.exe 2.pdf
start acrord32.exe 3.pdf

Or even (as Johannes Rössel suggests in the comment below):

start 1.pdf
start 2.pdf
start 3.pdf

Would probably work as well (depending on your default PDF viewer).

A list of other available batch commands.

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In that case you can probably use start alone on the PDF files as well. Depending on the default application for them, though :) –  Joey Mar 29 '09 at 23:31

For me it works even without the start command. I use:


in cmd.exe windows frequently, and it always opens Acrobat Reader (my default viewer on Windows). In a batchfile I've written to generate PDF via Ghostscript, my last two lines are:


which automatically opens both generated PDFs in two different Reader windows. (My %outputpath% contains spaces, the %outputfile% may also have some...)

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Have you tried whether Acrobat Reader allows for more files on the commandline, ie.

start acrord32.exe 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf
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Thank you!

Using start did the trick. I had to use start as many times as the number of pdf documents I want to open. For some reason

start acrord32.exe 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf

opens only the first document. So I guess Acrobat reader might not allow for more files on the command line.

I rally appreciate your answers.

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Thanks for the above answers.

I also tried below, working fine:

start /B excel.exe "D:\my first file.xlsx" "E:\my second file.xlsx" "D:\working folder\my third file.xlsx"

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