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I have a string containing the HTML of a page as received by a GET request

Dim http
Set http = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP") "GET", "", False
// http.responseText is the string

How can I convert this string to a Document object? I would like a more natural way of parsing the HTML than manually searching through it.

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If it is valid XHTML, then you can load it into a DOMDocument with LoadXml(). Misc example:

Otherwise, you could use some sort of browser COM object (as previously answered here: How do you extract data from vendor website in vbscript?), but NOTE: this is not something you'd want to do server-side in ASP pages, as it's likely to result in all sorts of leaked resources and instability.

Finally, you could use a dedicated HTML-parsing third-party COM object, eg (I am not recommending this, it's the result of a v quick google search - but it might be great for all I know).

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