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Ok, so I've looked around a number of different websites but seem to get mixed information. Does anyone have any advice for implementing a Facebook Like button in an HTML email campaign?

I have already tried this article but for some reason, clicking the like opens a blank page with another like button.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Here is how you can add a Facebook Like button, Share Button, and Tweet Buttons. Please Note: Where it says is the webpage of the email newsletter. Replace img src with your own image for the button. Also I am not sure you need everything in the Facebook button but you can clean it up with some testing =>

Facebook Like

<a title="Like this on Facebook" href="
<img src="/Images/network_icons/fblike-button-small.png" style="border: 
0 none;" alt="Like This on Facebook"></a>

Facebook Share

<a title="Share this on Facebook" href=''><img src='/Images/network_icons/fb-share.png' alt='Share my campaign' /></a>

Tweet Button

<a title="Share Via Twitter" href="
url=http://my-campaign-url&amp;text=My%20Text%20-%20&amp;via=My Name&amp;">
<img src="/Images/network_icons/tweet-button-small.png" 
style="border:0 none;" alt="Share Via Twitter"></a>

Another (possibly easier) option.

Use the AddThis Service for E-Mail Marketing. See AddThis site for more info. Example Code Follows:

<!-- AddThis Button BEGIN -->
<!-- Facebook -->
<a href=";;pubid=ra-[Your AddThis ID for Analytics]" target="_blank" ><img src="" border="0" alt="Facebook" /></a>
<!-- Twitter -->
<a href=";;pubid=ra-[Your AddThis ID for Analytics]" target="_blank" ><img src="" border="0" alt="Twitter" /></a>
<!-- Rest of AddThis Services-->
<a href=";=250&amp;pubid=ra-[Your AddThis ID for Analytics]&amp; " target="_blank"  ><img src="" border="0" alt="More..." /></a>
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The 'facebook like' seems to be end in an empty page (blank page). Not supported anymore? – Erwinus Nov 25 '13 at 21:37
@Erwinus - I am unsure. I don't use Facebook Like in email anymore. I highly recommend AddThis for email newsletters, however, they only offer Facebook Share and not Facebook Like. – Lynda Nov 26 '13 at 5:38

I had this problem also. But the answers above, and elsewhere, didn't help me too much.

It seemed like often the solution being offered was creating a way to allow people to like the EMAIL CAMPAIGN itself. That's definitely not what I want... I want it to make it so that people can click to like MY ORGANIZATION'S FACEBOOK PAGE.

Fortunately, I am a mailChimp user, and for those of you that use MailChimp, this is the article that explains it very easily:

this allows you to simply put a special tag and to specify the URL of your FB page... awesome. And it works. Sure, you do have to confirm with a second click, but that is OK.

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No is the simple answer... Its a minimum 2 click process..

Do what you have above but instead of showing a blank white page, build something around it and tell people to press Like or drive people to a Fan Page and a good thing to do is offer something for free if they press "Like"


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