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in vb we can use CreateObject for open excel , or we can use GetObject for opened excel window. CreateObject automatic open Excel.Application wtihout referans or com or other dll.

But c# we must add Com to referance for using excel. After when I want to create SETUP project , VS is inclding excel COM files.

I dont want to do this, if I add 2007 excel Com , my customers use 2003 excel so I get com error.

How can I open and write to cell without using COM referance like VB 6.0 CreateObject function ?

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Hmm, do you really get a COM exception or are you just guessing you will? The failure scenario is using Excel 2007 specific features, that will bomb just as badly if you use late binding. –  Hans Passant Aug 5 '11 at 16:11

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Build your application against the lowest version of Excel you are willing to support. The future APIs will be backwards compatible.

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