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I am writing an application which chooses the ports randomly, so when server is replying with response, i observe in wireshark that, its saying "Destination Port Unreachable".

As the port is choosen at the runtime , i am not able to add the port redirection, "redir" command by the time server is responding.

Is there anyway to redirect all the ports to the emulator (or) stop the emulator using its own network (click here) and link to our development pc network. I mean use our PC's address and so on.

Please help for the above information.

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--------------------- Updating the question - Adding some more details -------------------
Usually when we create a socket and done mention the port number, as sockets will take randomly the free port available and sends the information to the server. But my server is responding to the same port.

As the emulator has its own network (Router) kind of thing, i need to telnet in to the emulator and execute the redirect command for the response packet to reach to the emulator.

As this process is too fast, by the time when response comes to the development machine (As the port is not yet redirected to the emulator) its getting discarded. Means i am loosing the response packet from the server.

We dont have any android device to start the development on :(. So we are working on the emulator.

I thought this can be solved by redirecting all the ports (redirecting * of development machine to the * of emulator). So if i redirect all the ports of the development machine to the emulator before sending the request to the server, as ports got redirected already, my client can choose any port and expect the response from the same port. (With which i wont loose the response packet).

Server: Our company has one server
Client: Android phone
Ports: Server has already predefined ports, but when sending a request from the client, client will choose randomly free port ('0' in port number parameter while creating the socket). Client Waiting for the response on the same socket (So same port).

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Please rewrite the question as it's far too unclear. Which machine runs the server? Which machine runs the client? Who process picks the port numbers? –  Chris Stratton Aug 5 '11 at 14:19
Redirecting all our desktop ports to Android emulator is not possible currently. –  Suman Dec 6 '11 at 7:13

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